Text 11 Sep Day of Remembrance

Today’s solemn celebrations brought back painful memories. One group who I think is under appreciated is the passengers and crew of Flight 93. Their courage and gumption prevented another deadly attack on Washington. Most of us will never have to take action they did but we should all try to live with courage and strength. Remember the last words as they took action:

"Let’s Roll"

Photo 5 Sep 120 notes Aspiring model and physique competitor Dennis Sanders. Follow him on Twitter @swoleD89

Aspiring model and physique competitor Dennis Sanders. Follow him on Twitter @swoleD89

Text 5 Sep Dennis Sanders Photo Shoot

Just completed a shoot with Dennis Sanders. Great session, we did underwear shots, masks, action photos, and then finished up with a mud batch… Dennis was very cooperative and it went well.

Video 3 Sep 66 notes

Dallas model and bodybuilder Chris Miller was awesome. Fantastic guy to work with, very cooperative and pleasant.

Text 3 Sep Weekend Shoots

Quite busy this weekend. Had two great shoots with Chris Miller of Dallas, an awesome bodybuilder and all round nice guy.


I think we got some fine images. We did a goodly number of looks and concepts. Chris was very cooperative, not balking at anything I suggested. I shall be posing some photos from our sessions.

He has a contest in 8 weeks and we plan to shoot again in 6 or 7 weeks to catch him at his peak condition.

Text 31 Aug

Okay, so I have been scrambling all afternoon getting ready for this afternoon’s shoot when I find the model has car trouble and will not be able to make it until after sunset. That ruins a planned concept but I shall persevere.

I am prepared to shoot several concepts with Dallas model and bodybuilder Chris Miller Fitness


Looking forward to meeting with and shooting this awesome physique.

Text 30 Aug Shoot Today

Finsihed a shoot today with Sergio Luquez, a Houston area model.


We did a Native Aneruican concept, in a couple of versions. We shot some iron chain images both clothed and implied nude. And we did some classic artistic nude photos.

Now it is time to edit…. a chore I am not as fond of as I am shooting.

Tomorrow is hot Dallas area model Chris Miller Fitness:


I’m looking forward to that next shoot. Themes are Football, mud and dirt, maybe military and fitness.

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend.


Video 29 Aug 2 notes
Text 29 Aug Today’s Chore

My desktop has been looking either static or distorted, so I spent all afternoon making wallpapers for my PC. It was not easy because most of my photographs are in portrait mode and backgrounds need to be horizontal. I ended up doing lots of cropping so the results are uneven. I made 115 images in 16:9 format, 1920x1080. I must admit the results are uneven.

I will post some and let you all decide.

Text 29 Aug

You can see more of my photographs at Model Mayhem


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